The New House! (Photos to come)

Well Folks, here it is. “It” being the little plot of urban land that everyone else looked over, but we saw potential in. We take possession June 30th 2010, and have big plans for our new little urban homestead. The house consists of an approx. 1000 square foot beautifully laid out “2 bedroom” (upon inspection, we realized there was an untapped 4 bedroom potential) “bungalow”..(except that there is an undeveloped attic, and basement – which developments will come in a later post..:)…). It is approx. 70 years old, has good bones, and has obviously been filled with love since day one. The land…Oh the land!…a 60′ by 120′ lot, which has been gardened meticulously over the years, but let go in recent. There is barely any lawn, and perennials to the nines. We plan on clearing (and by clearing I mean gifting) most of the perennials to friends/neighbours and setting our veg. gardens for next spring. We have a grape vine, some rhubarb, and who knows what else back there. Please follow us on our journey to create our own little urban homestead!


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