Arty McCrafto

Lately I’ve been getting into an artsy vibe. The TV gets turned off, the pencils come out. I discovered Artist Trading Cards and had a “where have you been all my life” moment…but, like the seasons, my passions change (almost every 3 months – fancy that). My 3′ by 4′ (I kid you not) “corner of our bedroom affectionately referred to as my studio” studio, is by far one of my

fave places to hang out. I’m looking forward to its tranformation at the new house to the “looking over the garden” studio. However, that is a full month away. I may be converting the garage and repairing bikes by then..;)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jana D
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 02:05:00

    These are wonderful. I love the lady’s hand holding the bonsai.


  2. samitysam
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 03:29:30

    Thanks Jana!


  3. Aesa
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 09:23:56

    Hi like very much the drawing of bonsai in the and


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