House Update!

Here’s some before and after pics of the new house…and a dirty face, just ’cause.

After 40 hours of painting, then trucking our stuff from old house to new, and organizing, with some minor renovations…oh, and all in three days, we’re finally, completely….. 1/4 of the way done..:S

It is entirely way too nice outside to be doing any further indoor reno’s, so, with winter will come the sledgehammer. Aside from the above mentioned, in the 27 days we have lived here, we have completely transformed the gardens. The beds are weeded (considering we have little lawn, that was a HUGE job), and our 20′ by 40′ vegetable garden is currently tarped out and will be ’tilled come fall.

We converted our back sunroom into our master bedroom, so we can literally fall asleep under the stars while listening to the sound of Lake Huron crashing against the shore….bliss….and this is where I throw in that I’m ridiculously fortunate and thankful to have the life I have with the people I share it with.