I am fortunate enough to stay at home with my babes…therefore, I spend my days surrounded by craziness, acting like a little kid and wondering how my little babies became little men in such a short time. Conner (the young one) is 7, and Cade (the youngest one) is 2. I live in Ontario, on Lake Huron (again, another thing I’m fortunate for)…summers are spent at the beach, and winters are spent hibernating. I have too many interests to list, but recently have been focusing most of my attention/spare time into getting back into a simpler/greener/healthier way of life – main focuses being; reducing the chemicals in our home, on our food, etc. , urban homesteading, eating healthy/local/organic foods, and just a generally simpler way of life.  My husband, Derek, is fabulous, and we’re really just milking life for all it’s worth right now! I love old friends, holding hands…a good rainstorm on a warm summer afternoon…stargazing, and bike rides. We just purchased a fab little house right in the heart of town, and cant wait to get at it! I have dreams of a  sustainable urban homestead…Ill settle for some veggie gardens, but we’ll see where it takes us..-”The journey is just as important as the destination”-


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