I’m Back.

After a 10 month hiatus, I’m back to the blog. After starting a new job, I lacked both the time to post, and well, anything to post about. I am now home again, and concentrating on our little life, and all things I enjoy.

Winter was especially hard this year. It was long, period. Our house got cut down to 500 square feet (give or take), as it wasn’t realistic or feasible to heat the three season sunroom that has alternated between being our master bedroom and the boy’s toyroom. We’re armed and ready to winterize it this summer, so we can enjoy the space year round. We will have to be prepared come this winter. I can’t survive sitting here staring at each other for 9 months..ever again. There has to be something to do in the winter, no? I also had some trying personal experiences over the winter that were just that, trying. So that, coupled with staring at a blanket of white, desolate, cold, unforgiving snow and blah for months on end made it a particularly depressing time. ‘Nuff said.

With spring, our house is back up to a sprawling 791 square feet. Conner needed, and pleaded, for his own room and we have managed to rearrange the house so we all, incredibly, have our own space in this tiny house. Right now it’s working fabulously. This house was meant to be temporary. We bought it with plans to fix it up quickly and either rent it out, or sell for profit. Then we all fell in love with it. I suppose we will milk living here for as long as we can. The realist in me knows its going to get pretty tight in here with two growing boys. I have been following  www.tinyhouseblog.com , and with that has come an endless amount of ideas to utilize what we have here and has changed our views on “needs” opposed to “wants”. Reading stories of people happily raising kids in tiny spaces has assured me I’m not doing an injustice to my own. I know that square footage has nothing to do with a child’s happiness, and it bothers me that I am even concerned of such. I’m chalking it up to typical parental worry.

I stopped eating meat this winter. I can’t give one real reason why. The idea of eating meat has always been really gross to me, and any meat that I was eating was definitely not healthy for me anyway. I would gladly eat anything topped with bacon…and I could probably eat my weight in “street meat”, but I would usually pass on any respectably cooked meat and opt for sides, almost all the time. Derek and I really got into learning where our food was coming from over the winter and although most of the meat I was buying for us came from locally sourced suppliers, some of the videos we watched did nothing for my already nill appetite for it. I am still providing for three healthy meat eaters, which is fine with me. Derek is adamant that meat should be from happy, healthy, local animals and I have no problem serving up anything that came from a farmer whose name I know.

The kid’s are growing up, damnit. Conner now whispers about girls to his friends when he thinks I’m not listening and Cade now walks. I repeat, his feet have touched the ground and he is WALKING. I’m not sure how my back managed three years of carrying that child around, but it did. Why, you ask, was he in my arms so long? I don’t know. Did I baby him? Maybe. Was he spoiled? Perhaps. I suppose carrying him around was just the habit that never died after 16 months of colic and breastfeeding every two hours around the clock. It’s now a phase that’s ended, and we survived.

Here’s a pic of the revamped gardens and our adorable little house that was never supposed to be loved like it is….


House Update!

Here’s some before and after pics of the new house…and a dirty face, just ’cause.

After 40 hours of painting, then trucking our stuff from old house to new, and organizing, with some minor renovations…oh, and all in three days, we’re finally, completely….. 1/4 of the way done..:S

It is entirely way too nice outside to be doing any further indoor reno’s, so, with winter will come the sledgehammer. Aside from the above mentioned, in the 27 days we have lived here, we have completely transformed the gardens. The beds are weeded (considering we have little lawn, that was a HUGE job), and our 20′ by 40′ vegetable garden is currently tarped out and will be ’tilled come fall.

We converted our back sunroom into our master bedroom, so we can literally fall asleep under the stars while listening to the sound of Lake Huron crashing against the shore….bliss….and this is where I throw in that I’m ridiculously fortunate and thankful to have the life I have with the people I share it with.

The Survivors

We have tomatoes! And Lettuce! And Peas! Woohoo! We didn’t plant much of a garden this year, as we didn’t know how long we would be in this house, and we were kind of limited to what we could do, as we’re renting. Sure enough, we’re moving mid-summer, so it’s a good thing we’re not leaving a massive garden behind. Well, good for us, bad for new tenants – Haha!  I had started a few veggies indoors, but put them out too soon. Next year, they’re going right in the ground! From seed! Never will I start indoors again – too risky. Even though we’ll have a later crop, I would rather it then risk losing the whole lot. Anyway, we had some survivors, which I transferred into containers so they could make the move with us. A few peas, some lettuce, and a single hearty tomato plant. Not exactly the homesteading I long for, but I know our time is coming. I keep reminding myself that after the 30th, I’ll have my hands in some rich beautiful soil, and I can start plotting for next spring. I’m anxious to see whats looming in the new backyard – I know there is rhubarb and grapes. A good start in my books. For now, I will loving tend to my containers, and dream of my garden to be.

The New House! (Photos to come)

Well Folks, here it is. “It” being the little plot of urban land that everyone else looked over, but we saw potential in. We take possession June 30th 2010, and have big plans for our new little urban homestead. The house consists of an approx. 1000 square foot beautifully laid out “2 bedroom” (upon inspection, we realized there was an untapped 4 bedroom potential) “bungalow”..(except that there is an undeveloped attic, and basement – which developments will come in a later post..:)…). It is approx. 70 years old, has good bones, and has obviously been filled with love since day one. The land…Oh the land!…a 60′ by 120′ lot, which has been gardened meticulously over the years, but let go in recent. There is barely any lawn, and perennials to the nines. We plan on clearing (and by clearing I mean gifting) most of the perennials to friends/neighbours and setting our veg. gardens for next spring. We have a grape vine, some rhubarb, and who knows what else back there. Please follow us on our journey to create our own little urban homestead!